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Chicago based artist, Lefty Out There, is front and center

8.24.2017 Art, Chicago, Fashion, Interviews Full Article

Twenty-five year old Chicago based artist Lefty Out There (aka Franco Campanella) has been steadily making a name for himself over the past decade.

The Last Tycoon’s Janie Bryant Talks Vintage Hollywood Costumes

8.4.2017 Film, Hollywood, Interviews Full Article

Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Amazon’s new series The Last Tycoon, sheds light on her inspirations for the show’s vintage Hollywood outfits.

Marc Rose and Med Abrous talk East Coast – West Coast

7.26.2017 Food and Drink, Interviews Full Article

Marc Rose and Med Abrous have been Angelenos since Y2K was a thing, and for the last decade they have quietly established an eclectic offering of LA hotspots.

Verlaine introduces Diego Hernández to LA

6.1.2017 Entertainment, Food, Food and Drink, Interviews Full Article

This stylish reinvention of the former Dominick’s space made a splash before the doors even opened.

In Bed with… Natalie Roser

5.20.2017 Fashion, In Bed With, Interviews Full Article

This Aussie model-turned-designer is impossible to keep up with, even for the most experienced jetsetter.

In Bed with… Belle Lucia

5.5.2017 Belle Lucia, In Bed With, Interviews Full Article

Half German, half Portuguese, this globe-trotting Aussie model is in high demand these days for all things beach-to-boudoir.

Pop surrealist Amit Greenberg wants to create a playful world

4.28.2017 Art, Interviews Full Article

This globetrotting multidisciplinary artist is blowing up.

An interview with Liz Vap

4.27.2017 Interviews, Liz Vap, Mick Rock, Music Full Article

There’s no one quite like Liz Vap, and I have doubts there ever will be.

The Loving Somm, Lelañea Fulton talks wines and The Rosy Oyster

4.16.2017 Food, Food and Drink, Interviews, The Hollywood Roosevelt Full Article

Lelañea Fulton is not someone who is easily missed in a crowded restaurant.

In Bed with… Ellen Von Unwerth

4.4.2017 Art, Ellen Von Unwerth, Fashion, In Bed With, Interviews Full Article

Ellen Von Unwerth has had a storied career, and her third collaboration with publishing behemoth Taschen this month proves that she’s still going full force.

In Bed With… Joy Claire

3.17.2017 In Bed With, Interviews, Joy Claire Full Article

From the trenches of the streetwear industry to the helm of her own marketing firm, Joy Claire is no novice when it comes to hard work and perseverance.

In Bed With… Ramona Rosales

3.10.2017 In Bed With, Interviews, Ramona Rosales Full Article

We caught up with the busy photographer during a shoot at The Hollywood Roosevelt with America Ferrera following the Oscars, to discuss photography, art, and inspiration.

Sal Imposimato talks Teller with Le Miami

1.13.2017 Interviews, Journal Group, Le Miami, Teller Full Article

VP of Brand Experience at Journal Group Sal Imposimato sat down with Olivia Squire, Senior Creative Executive for Beyond Luxury Media to talk about the importance of this new people-centric editorial platform.

In Bed With… Galore

1.13.2017 Galore Mag, Happenings, In Bed With, Interviews, Paris Hilton, Sofia Richie Full Article

To celebrate the launch of Galore’s Art Issue, we hosted the VIP party with Paris Hilton and Sofia Richie.

In Bed With… Sjana Earp

1.3.2017 In Bed With, Interviews, Sjana Earp Full Article

Sjana Earp is a lifestyle blogger whose adventures in travel, wellness, fitness, and fun are the definition of enviable.

In Bed With… Brian Baumgartner

12.20.2016 Brian Baumgartner, In Bed With, Interviews, The Office Full Article

We caught up with Brian recently at The Hollywood Roosevelt to talk offices, pick-up lines, and craziest hotel stories.

An Interview with Eva Doležalová

12.15.2016 Fashion, Film, Interviews Full Article

It was just over a week after the election when we met up with Eva Doležalová at the MacArthur to discuss her career, her perspective as a director, and what’s up next for her.

Ruvan Wijesooriya cares about the details

12.8.2016 Art, Interviews, Photography Full Article

We sat down with this genuine and curious artist to speak about reality, beauty, art, business, politics, movements and more.

In Bed With … Alexandra Pereira

11.28.2016 Fashion, In Bed With, Interviews Full Article

The force behind Lovely Pepa visits The Hollywood Roosevelt.

Jesse Lee knows how to spot the next big thing

11.23.2016 Interviews Full Article

We met up with Jesse to discuss creative inspirations, investing in people, the benefits of unconventional collaborations, and why Sunday is the only day he’ll go to the gym.

Making as much noise as possible: An interview with Diplo

11.20.2016 Diplo, Interviews, Music, The Hollywood Roosevelt Full Article

Diplo defies any common convention.

In Bed With … Lara Jade

11.1.2016 In Bed With, Interviews Full Article

Lara Jade is a British fashion photographer who describes herself as a creative, an escapist, and a daydreamer.

Eli Caner’s label Lady and Butler gives uniforms a sartorial evolution

10.31.2016 Fashion, Interviews, Travel Full Article

Spanish-born, New York-based fashion designer Eli Caner is the creative mind behind the sophisticated label, Lady and Butler.

In Bed With… Giovanna Ferrarezi

10.17.2016 In Bed With, Interviews Full Article

Giovanna is a São Paulo native who loves travelling, eating, and telling stories. We found out what living in Brazil’s vibrant center has taught her and what makes her happy.

Sita Abellán is a rising star

10.14.2016 Fashion, Interviews, Music Full Article

We spoke with the internet’s favorite techno princess about feeling like a fashion freak, modelling for Rihanna, and what inspires her to create.

The art of public transit

9.30.2016 Art, Interviews, Travel Full Article

A large number of artists have had their work incorporated into the Los Angeles public transit system, with hundreds of painters, photographers, sculptors and others adding a splash of art to morning and afternoon commutes.

In Bed With… Emma Rose

9.28.2016 In Bed With, Interviews Full Article

Emma Rose is a health, lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger from Sydney, Australia.

Reimagining Park Plaza: An interview with interior designer Chad McPhail

7.26.2016 Design, Interior Design, Interviews, The Park Plaza Full Article

Talking with Chad McPhail, the interior designer tasked with bringing new life to the Park Plaza.

Explore Tom Blachford’s Midnight Modern

7.8.2016 Architecture, Interviews, Midnight Modern, Modernism Week, Palm Springs, Tom Blachford Full Article

We speak to the photographer who captures modernist Palm Springs under nought but the light of the moon.

Ghostbusters cast gather at The Hollywood Roosevelt for The New York Times

6.29.2016 Film, Ghostbusters, Happenings, Interviews Full Article

The daily newspaper of note asks, Who’s Afraid of Female Ghostbusters?

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