A Saved by the Bell-themed pop-up in Chicago

Mark your calendars because you can be transported to Bayside High.

A staple of every 90s kid’s existence, Saved by the Bell, has inspired its very own dining experience in Chicago called Dinner at The Max!

The “pop-up shop diner and bar” recreates the show’s favorite hang-out right in Wicker Park. Pretend you’re complaining about Mr. Belding with Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, AC Slater, Jessie Spano, and the whole gang and reserve a seat at the next experience, which is booked out until December 29th.

Guests can enjoy aptly-themed eats like AC Sliders, Five Aces Omelette, Bayside Burger, or Miss Bliss’ Candied Bacon, alongside cocktails ranging from the I’m So Excited (named after this pivotal moment) to Leon Carosi’s Mimosa and The Albert Clifford, in case you were wondering what the “AC” in AC Slater stood for.

“A superfan's dream come true.”

The Associated Press called Dinner at The Max! “a plan that class schemer Zack Morris would find genius,” with Vogue lauding it as “a superfan’s dream come true.” With immersive experiences around shows sprouting up left and right (see the recreation of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment and the pop-up of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls at UCLA), rest assured this one is on point. People Magazine writes, “I’m happy to tell diehard SBTB fans the spot totally lives up to every 90’s fantasy you had of joining Zack Morris & co. for a milkshake and fries at their favorite hangout.”

Reserve your spot here.

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