In Bed With… Joy Claire

From the trenches of the streetwear industry to the helm of her own marketing firm, Joy Claire is no novice when it comes to hard work and perseverance. She’s made a career out of connecting artists to brands in a sphere of the fashion world dominated by men, where the next “hot thing” fades into obscurity quicker than you can say Pyrex Vision.

We sat down with her at The Hollywood Roosevelt to chat about the firm she founded – Clairvoyant Agency, her invite-only monthly party, and what’s up next for this busy Angeleno.

How did Clairvoyant Agency happen?

I’m celebrating my three year anniversary this month actually! A lot of my peers at the time, along with some of the artists I was working with, encouraged me to start my own business. My guiding principle was always to work with people and brands I respected, so I decided to start Clairvoyant Agency in March of 2014. I had worked for other brands for so long and it was just time for me to be able to go off on my own. I had just become frustrated being in-house and only being able to do so much; it felt like I had hit a ceiling in my previous position. Clairvoyant allows me to be more creative and work with ton of cool people and multiple brands. Making the transition, and building on the foundation that was already there, has allowed for a lot more opportunity. Teaming up with Wiz Khalifa on his image and brand partnerships, for example. That relationship stemmed from working with Wiz’s manager while at KR3W and Supra. It all came full-circle!

You mentioned your work with Supra so…how does one up their sneaker game?

It’s funny, the older I get I really prefer just classics. I can’t wear anything crazy anymore! Just clean and simple.

I read that you briefly worked in the music industry, but left to focus on streetwear. Do you ever see yourself migrating back?

I love pop culture as a whole. I love fashion, I love art, music, everything that kind of collectively makes up pop culture. I will forever work with artists in the music industry but I’ve never seen it as a full time career. The music industry is tough, especially for a woman. With what I do now, I get to touch everything and that feels like a better place for me.

“It’s easy to get in touch with the right people if you’re actually making some noise.”
+ Joy Claire at The Hollywood Roosevelt - two piece and kimono by Germaine Renner

You’ve had amazing success in pairing talent with brands. What is the secret sauce to becoming the connective tissue in that transaction?

I think it’s trust. I just like doing things outside of the norm or working to enhance whatever my friends are doing. It’s contacts, trust, and relationships, and having a vision for something that hasn’t been done before.

You’re a proper Angeleno. What about this city inspires you?

I think the fact that there’s opportunity everywhere. It’s easy to get in touch with the right people if you’re actually making some noise.

East side or west side?

I love the west side. Grabbing a bike, hitting the beach, and going to Bay Cities is a fucking perfect day.

“What’s the Password” is a very hush-hush party you host every month with Lou Banga at The Hollywood Roosevelt. What happens there? How do you keep that event fresh?

Well… first of all, we change the password monthly. So you have to know Lou or I to get it. There’s always different people in town and that means the energy is always new. It’s been a year now and every month it gets bigger and bigger, it’s really something that people look forward to.

What’s next for Joy Claire?

I’m starting to work on a few projects for my side instagram account @rapperswithpuppies. My first collaboration with Dog Limited will be carried in Zumiez mid-March.

Where are your top weekend getaway spots?

Joshua Tree, Miami, and Encuentro Guadalupe Winery.

What are your top three essentials to pack when you’re traveling?

Chapstick or lip gloss, hand sanitizer, and my mophie.

We’re at the Cabanas in The Roosevelt. What is your poolside style?

My girlfriend Germaine Renner is one of my favorite designers, so she’s my poolside style. Cut off shorts paired with one of her creations and I’m all good!

Lastly, what is your favorite thing to do in bed?

I love to sleep!

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