The essential podcasts for your true crime hankering

Whether it’s The Jinx or Making of a Murderer or S Town, the true crime trend is at full force, and in no better form than in the podcast.

Perhaps it all started with Serial, an offshoot of Ira Glass’s groundbreaking podcast This American Life, which explored the little-known murder of Hae Min Lee and the subsequent conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed on less-than-substantial evidence. The podcast shot to number one of the iTunes charts, as listeners waited week-to-week for what Sarah would reveal next, what little tidbit of the story she was saving until the end.

While there hasn’t been any podcast quite like Serial, there are many well-suited to satiate your true crime craving. We’ve compiled a list of a few to get you started.

Up and Vanished

This program follows the mysterious circumstances over the disappearance of a former pageant queen and high school teacher in Georgia. The host and producer Payne Lindsey interviews seemingly everyone around the missing Tara Grinstead who literally vanished 11 years ago, and as the story unfolds, it just keeps getting stranger.

You Must Remember This

You might remember this one from our essential Los Angeles podcast list. The second season of this popular podcast from Karina Longworth explores the dynamics of the Manson family and how Charles Manson was a product of the strange world of 1960s Hollywood, and how his gruesome murders forever changed Hollywood history.

The Grift

A new podcast from Panoply that’s title tells you what you need to know: it’s a study of grifters. From an art forger to a cult leader, this entertaining podcast covers little known con artists whose stories will blow your mind.

S Town

From the team behind Serial, S Town it is nothing short of remarkable. Quickly shooting up to number one on the podcast rankings, S Town has been praised for its narrative-like prose, as our host, Brian Reed, heads to “Shit Town,” Alabama to investigate a murder, and an even stranger story falls right into his lap.

My Favorite Murder

Perfect for your casual murder lover, My Favorite Murder hosts Karen Kilgraff and Georgia Hardstark chat about everyone from OJ Simpson to Jon Benet Ramsey in this pop true crime favorite.

In the Dark

This one is not for the faint of heart. Out of APM Reports, In the Dark and host Madeleine Baran get to the bottom of the abduction of 11 year-old Jacob Wetterling in Minnesota. The then-cold case broke just as the podcast was getting started, and it’s well worth the listen, though the subject matter is definitely not suited for young listeners.


Quite simply, “a podcast about crime,” or so its website reads. It’s a fantastic true crime podcast that is utterly addicting. We recommend starting with this episode (and then its part two), which is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

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