In Bed with… Natalie Roser

Based in Sydney, this New South Wales native is next to impossible to keep up with, even for the most experienced jetsetter. At 26 years old, Natalie Roser has been in front of the camera since she was 13, a career that has taken her from the covers of Women’s Fitness to Maxim Magazine. Toss in being one of Australia’s most recognized digital influencers, a brand new fashion label, and a wanderlust to explore and travel whenever she can, and you begin to glean just a small part of all the kinetic energy that makes Natalie the quintessential social media darling.

We took a moment during a recent photoshoot at The Hollywood Roosevelt, to talk about her new line Roser the Label, and the tricks-of-the-trade she uses when working on the road.

For work, I: 

Spend most of my time modeling, but I’m also a social media influencer, content creator, designer and photographer.

How did “Roser the Label” start?

Roser the Label was a project that started based on an idea I had to fill a gap that I saw in the young fashion market. I wanted to provide taller girls with the option to wear rompers that are such a growing fashion trend. So I decided to create a range that offered extra sizing options for longer torso shapes.

What is your inspiration for the line? 

I like working with colors and pushing the boundaries with shapes a bit. However I still like my rompers to be practical and flattering.

What do you get up to when not working?

I go to the beach, visit the gym or eat!

Top three essentials to pack when traveling?

A skin hydrating mist, my fave neck pillow, and iPhone charger!

“I love all the new health experiences and innovative workout ideas that LA offers! There's so many new things to try here to stay fit and healthy.”
+ Natalie Roser photographed at The Hollywood Roosevelt by Max Thompson

First thing you pick from the mini-bar?

The chocolates…

Most Instagram-worthy spot you’ve found at The Hollywood Roosevelt?

Poolside for sure! In the morning when the pool isn’t too busy and the sun is coming up over the palm trees! Heaven.

What’s your poolside style? 

Practical. I like to make my way to the pool with minimal stuff to carry back. So bare-foot, a bikini and my phone is pretty much it.

What are you listening to right now? Anything on repeat? 

I am pretty much just listening to the Apple Music radio channels at the moment! It gives me a pretty vast mix of music, which I like.

What are your tips for practicing wellness when traveling?

Try and set up a routine. Or have a check list for your mind and body and try to complete that everyday.

Favorite thing to do in LA?

I love all the new health experiences and innovative workout ideas that LA offers! There’s so many new things to try here to stay fit and healthy.

Lastly, what is your favorite thing to do in bed?


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  • Photography Max Thompson

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