Bagel Broker is giving out a dozen bagels to anyone born in 1987

The Fairfax district bagel shop is celebrating their 30th birthday this year with free bagels for those born in their founding year. Any 29 or 30 year old born in 1987 can stop by Bagel Broker through Sunday to claim their bagels, with ID of course. Praised as one of the few great bagels in LA, this family owned shop will have to up their daily 2,500 bagels by 6:00 AM to keep up with this promotion.

The shop is also sponsoring a bagel sandwich design contest for those not turning 30 this year with an even greater prize- a dozen donuts every month for a year and your bagel featured on the menu for a limited time. All you have to do is pick up a bagel from the shop and post a picture of your creation (be sure to tag @bagelbrokerla and hashtag #bagelbroker30) by September 19. The fine print can be found in this Instagram post.

The everythings are heading into the oven!

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If these two options aren’t enough, Bagel Broker is having all sorts of promotions the rest of the month, too, which you can find on their website.

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