Take a bite into one of America’s best burgers in Chicago

Calling all burger lovers in the Chicago area: one of America’s best burgers is in your town. Bon Appétit named the three best burgers of 2017, and The Loyalist’s cheeseburger snagged a spot. Nicknamed “The Dirty Burg,” the cheeseburger has quite a few ingredients to write home about. A short rib, chuck, and ground bacon patty, pickles made in-house, cheese, and onion-infused mayo—is your mouth watering yet?

The other two burgers hail from Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, with the top prize going to the Tavern Burger from Little Jack’s Tavern in Charleston. Dino’s cheeseburger from Nashville joins The Dirty Burg as runner-up.

Au Cheval, another Chicago staple, was the reigning champ in 2012 when Bon Appétit named it the nation’s best burger. And while every burger enthusiast may have their own opinions as to which burger is best, The Loyalist is the new favorite sanctioned by Bon Appétit.

And for those looking to celebrate this best burger honor, we have just one simple question: do you want fries with that?

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