Booth One serves up a new cocktail program

With inventive dishes that make your mouth water and impeccable service that ensures you’ll keep coming back for more, Booth One at the Ambassador Chicago completely reinvents the entire dining experience. And now, with a newly launched cocktail program, there’s even more to enjoy.

Created by principal bartenders Brandon Phillips and Derek Alexander, the revamped cocktail program is full of wondrous drinks to compliment all of the extraordinary at Booth One. Featuring 23 new cocktails, the drink menu includes a mixture of go-to originals, riffs of classics that draw inspiration from the Pump Room’s menus from the 50’s and 60’s, refreshing aperitifs to begin the evening, sparkling cocktails, as well as fizzes, sours, mocktails, and drinks to finish off a delicious meal with. Needless to say, the menu is filled to the brim with unique and delicious drinks that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Check out the menu and pick out your favorites to try the next time you dine at Booth One.

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