The John Sowden House in Los Feliz to become a “cannabis oasis”

The John Sowden House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son Lloyd Wright in 1926, has been sold and its destined to become a “cannabis oasis.”

The new owner is Dan Goldfarb, who acquired the estate for a cool $4.7 million. Goldfarb made his personal fortune selling cannabis to pets and naturally, his plans for the renown property involve creating a space to treat a wide variety of ailments including anxiety, aggression, cancers and pain in cats, dogs, and horses.

“Cannabis is obviously what the press picks up on, but the story isn’t just cannabis, it’s about all the things cannabis brings together,” Goldfarb says. “An oasis for freedom of thought and expression, a safe place to be relaxed and comfortable among intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and artists, to enjoy thoughts and work collectively for social good.”

“When you walk into that house, whether you are 8 or 80, no matter what you’ve seen or done, it makes you take pause and be in the moment.”
+ Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House to become a cannabis oasis

Goldfarb’s plans for Lloyd Wright’s historic Sowden House as a “cannabis oasis” also include a events program involving everything from community gatherings, to performances and art installations. Sowden House will also allow guests to consume on-site.

“Sowden House has transformative power, it is an amazing thing to experience, and we are thrilled to be its custodians and advocates,” he announced.

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