Two Bunch Palms Helps Kick Start Your Yoga Practice

Yoga session at Two Bunch Palms


You’ve given downward dog and child’s pose a spin, but you’re admittedly far from a master yogi. Don’t let that stop you from taking to the mat and getting your Zen on during your next stay at Two Bunch Palms, where many yoga classes take place in the resort’s one-of-a-kind celestial dome. “It’s a beautiful, magical space and because of the dome shape, it allows the energy to flow around and around,” says yoga instructor Lisa Marie Grimes. “You feel rejuvenated because you are literally in an energy vortex.”

Better yet, since the resort has specific classes on its wellness calendar geared toward yoga newbies, there’s no excuse not to try it. Here’s a rundown of classes to consider during your next stay.


Gentle Yoga Stretch

This hour-long daily morning class is a fit for just about everyone, says Grimes, since it’s slow-paced, focused on lots of breath work, and skips the complicated poses. “I have people who have never taken yoga before or haven’t done it in years so it can be a great way to discover or rediscover,” she explains. “And guests can experiment since they’re here on vacation and it’s included while they’re staying on site.” Oh, and don’t worry about needing to know any of the lingo. “I explain in detail exactly what to do, down to ‘lift your right leg’ so that it’s really easy to understand.”

Included with your stay or day visit.


Water Meditation

If you want to focus on just the meditation aspect of yoga, try this guided meditation class that takes place in one of the brand-new soaking tubs Two Bunch Palms added to the property last year. “You’re outdoors soaking in the hot springs in the natural mineral water while you’re meditating,” says Grimes, “so it’s pretty amazing.”

Included with your stay or day visit.

“You’re outdoors soaking in the hot springs in the natural mineral water while you’re meditating.”
Soaking tubs at Two Bunch Palms

Therapeutic Yoga

The list of yoga’s benefits is too long to list here, but this hour-long class hits a lot of the big ones – from relaxation to increased circulation to helping to reduce pain, tension, and stress, to opening up joints and tight muscles. Therapeutic yoga instructor Jivani leans towards a gentler class with a focus on the breath and stretching those areas where people often hold tension and pain. The class is different each time since she tailors it to meet the needs of each day’s guests. “Everyone I see these days has tension in their neck or their lower back and hips, and so many of us are on the computer all day using our hands repetitively,” she says. “I check in with everyone who comes in the door to find out if they’re working with injuries, so I can offer modifications.”

Included with your stay or day visit.


Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga sessions are completely customizable, which means they can be an ideal option for those just starting out to get a personalized primer on the basics, or as a way for intermediate and advanced students to take their practice further. Guests talk with the instructor beforehand to go over their goals and then they run with it (or, er, pose with it). “Maybe you want to work on a specific area, want shoulder or hip openers, or you saw something new – maybe handstands or inversions – and want to try it. We make it exactly what you want and you get a lot more hands-on adjustments this way.” If you’re concerned about going it alone, Grimes has the perfect solution: Bring a friend!

60 minutes: $150
Each additional guest: $25

“We make it exactly what you want and you get a lot more hands-on adjustments this way.”

Last but not least, some final advice from the Two Bunch Palms instructors: Just do it … and don’t worry so much. “No one’s judging you so don’t judge yourself,” says Grimes. “You’re here to relax and there’s no test at the end.” Phew.

  • Story by Lizbeth Scordo

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