Sipping cocktails poolside at The Hollywood Roosevelt’s Tropicana

The Hollywood Roosevelt’s Tropicana Pool Cafe just got a new cocktail menu that’s the dreams that summers were made of.

Lined with an impressive showing of palm trees, the Tropicana Pool Cafe sits right beside that oh-so-Instagram-ready David Hockney pool. We sat down on a Friday to get some Vitamin D, take in the scenery, and sip a selection of the menu’s finest. What we found was your perfect California day, planned down to the exact food and beverage to pair:

Start out with the Pineapple Express. This fruity cocktail adorned with a delicious slice of fresh pineapple is perfect for your brunch plans. Have it with an order of French Toast or an omelet and let it be your hair of the dog.


When brunch is over and you’re ready to slip into the pool, grab an Up in Smoke, a mezcal and grapefruit cocktail that will have you begging for some shrimp tacos and chips and guac to match. Lay out for hours and sip several of these down, keep those homemade chips coming.

Before the sunburn sets in, jump out of the pool and cool down with a Friday. A perfect touch of bitterness combined with a delightful sweet, with some fruit to enjoy when you get to the bottom of your glass, and a good chance to grab a more substantial meal. We recommend diving into a sandwich – perhaps that short rib grilled cheese that melts in your mouth or our buttermilk fried chicken sandwich made on pullman toast.

“It’s all happening.” A sentiment for the summer, and a line from Almost Famous, which shares a name with the drink you’re going to order next.

Consider this your move into the evening. Head back to your room and get ready for a night out, or best yet, a night back at the pool.

Toast to your success. Boogie Nights is your champagne-based cocktail to celebrate you. Order with a salad nicoise, or make it a community affair and get a round of oysters on the half shell.

Cheers to you.

  • Story by Amy Jacobowitz
  • Photos by Ariel Katz

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