5 Vegan Dishes You Need to Eat in LA

Vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, California.

Vegan food once had a reputation as being little more than bland beans and steamed spinach. But as more people are giving veganism a try (even the beloved Queen Bey!) and others are simply trying get a health boost from more plant-based eating, plenty of restaurants around town (including The Hollywood Roosevelt’s own Public Kitchen & Bar) are churning out amped-up vegan dishes that even carnivores are loving. Here are five to try right now.


Farmers Market Crudite Board: Public Kitchen & Bar


Farmers Market Crudite Board at Public Kitchen & Bar in Hollywood.

A centerpiece for summer gatherings, the vibrant crudite board has become a favorite among veggie-loving vegans – boasting artful displays of sliced vegetables, flavorful dips, and more. At classic American bistro Public Kitchen just off the lobby of The Hollywood Roosevelt, the kitchen churns out a beautiful Farmers Market Crudite Board with colorful heirloom crudite, beet hummus, mixed olives, and the perfect smattering of Marcona almonds.


Tachos: Beelman’s


It may not look like it from the outside, but this neighborhood pub boasts a menu full of casual fare that just happens to be entirely vegan – from the chili to the hot dogs to the Loco Moco bowl. One don’t-miss dish? Beelman’s killer Tachos that swap tater tots for the tortilla chips, topping the fried spuds with house-made soyrizo, cashew cheese, salsa, Gochujang crema, pickled jalapenos, and a smattering of birds-eye chili-seasoned pinto beans. Who says vegans don’t get to indulge in fun bar food?


Rossa Pizza: Stella Barra

Hollywood and Santa Monica

Stella Barra Italian vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.

It’s all about bubble-laden, crispy crust with a chewy center that’s made with locally milled flour at this bustling duo of artisanal pizzerias, so we promise, you won’t miss the cheese at all. The Rossa uses a house-made tomato jam as a base and then tops the whole thing with fresh basil, peppery wild arugula, and olive oil to give vegans the perfect pizza fix.

Photo: Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants


Wood-Fired Cauliflower: Gjelina


Newfangled meat substitutes and plant-based cheeses are great and all, but sometimes the most amazing vegan dishes are just simple vegetables prepared perfectly. And Gjelina’s cauliflower dish – that’s been on the menu since the eatery first opened on Venice’s uber-cool Abbot Kinney Boulevard nearly a decade ago – is just that. While it’s got just six ingredients including vinegar, garlic confit, and parsley – and you can find the recipe published in the restaurant’s cookbook – we guarantee it won’t be as good at home as it is fresh out of the restaurant’s wood-burning oven. Bonus: The dish comes laced with colorful versions of the veggie in orange and purple when they’re in season.


Spicy Ramen: Ramen Hood


Ramen Hood vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.

While purists might argue that any ramen not made the traditional way – with a hearty broth long-simmered with animal bones – isn’t actually ramen at all, veg-heads can at least get a shot at slurping the noodle-laden soup at this all-vegan ramen bar tucked inside Downtown’s fabled food hall Grand Central Market. Using a sunflower seed broth (how’s that for something new?) that mimics the richness of a meatier stock, the soup comes full of hearty oyster mushrooms in lieu of pork and a cooked “egg” that’s, in fact, soy-based along with noodles galore, bean sprouts, chili threads, nori, and a squeeze of spicy paste for those who like it hot.

Photo: Andrea Alonso


Featured Photo: Andrea Alonso

  • Story by Lizbeth Scordo

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