CARtoons: Art of America’s Car Culture opens at LACMA

Between 1959 and 1991, CARtoons magazine offered a hotted up and kitted out dose of automotive humor, hot rod artwork, and everything you needed to know about American car culture. According to CARtoons magazine, it was “the only humor magazine in the world for the lovers and owners of cars.”

At CARtoons: Art of America’s Car Culture you can enjoy a blast from the past, as LACMA showcases the artwork that earned the Los Angeles-based publication such a rabid following.

“The magazine featured rollicking stories about hot-rods, drag-racing, muscle cars, makes and models from Chevys and Mustangs to Corvettes, and even imaginary and fantastic vehicles.”
+ Errol McCarthy's 'Cars of the Future' courtesy of LACMA

The exhibition revives the characters, inside jokes, and crazy cars that brought the magazine to life. Featuring over three decades of original art from regular CARtoons contributors like Steve Austin, Fred Boatman, Joe Borer, Dave Deal, Nelson Dewey, Mike Dormer, Dennis Ellefson, Tom Foxmarnick, Bob Hardin, Hank Hinton, Shawn Kerri, Darrell Mayabb, Errol McCarthy, Pete Millar, Alex Niño, William Stout, George Trosley, and Monte Wolverton. Peel out and take a look.

CARtoons: Art of America’s Car Culture is on now at LACMA’s Art of the Americas, and runs until January 2, 2017.

  • Story by Ariel Katz

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