7 Boutique Wellness Experiences in NYC for Your Mind, Body, & Soul


Looking to get your wellness fix in New York City? You’re in luck: Manhattan is home to some of the most innovative, unique, and rejuvenating wellness offerings around — and while their health benefits are certainly compelling, the novelty is half the fun.

Whether you’re searching for a greater sense of zen or are in dire need of a cardio session, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best boutique wellness experiences in New York City, all accessible from Mondrian Park Avenue.

Modrn Sanctuary

Modrn Santuary

Photo: Modrn Sanctuary

This holistic wellness space is most famous for its Himalayan salt room, believed to promote better breathing, and for its Sensory 7 Light Sound Energy Therapy. When you hop into a Sensory 7 bed, you’ll bask in the light and energy of 7 crystals — one for each chakra — in a process meant to encourage balance, alignment, stress reduction, and energy. The low-key studio also offers dozens of other services, such as cryoskin treatments, CBD massages, and infrared saunas.

Himalayan salt room: $29 for 30-minute session; Sensory 7 Light Sound Energy Therapy: $45 for 30-minute session




Photo: MNDFL

MNDFL is perhaps the most well-known meditation studio in New York City, and for good reason: it makes meditation more accessible than ever. All you have to do is show up, sit yourself down on one of their comfy floor cushions, and offer an open mind. With instructors that will guide you through easy-to-follow techniques based on age-old traditions, this studio is a great place for both first-time meditators and anyone looking to deepen their practice.

Drop-in rate: $18 for 30-minute session



ReCover NYC

Photo: ReCOVER

ReCOVER offers a wide range of services focused on easing your body through recovery, as the name suggests. Featuring hydro massages, ice compression, infrared saunas, and a host of other treatments, each offering is designed to help your body repair itself after the physical demands of an intense workout — or just a busy day in the city.

Hydro massage: $30 for 30-minute session; ice compression: $30 for 30-minute session; infrared sauna: $45 for 30-minute session




Photo: TrampoLEAN

For those who loved jumping on the backyard trampoline, TrampoLEAN is designed to bring out your inner kid—with a fitness twist. The classes focus on endurance, cardio, toning, and HIIT as each attendee hops on their own mini trampoline. The best part? The room’s colorful lighting makes the class feel like one big party.

Drop-in rate: $29


bodē nyc

Bode NYC Yoga

Photo: bodē nyc

This NYC institution was Manhattan’s very first Bikram yoga studio, and it’s still offering top-notch hot yoga classes to this day. You’ll also find sessions focusing on HIIT, deep stretching, and other disciplines that fit into your regular yoga practice.

Drop-in rate: $32


Shape House

Shape House NYC


Shape House dubs itself an “urban sweat lodge,” and its infrared sauna wraps certainly deliver on that front. You’ll be nestled into an infrared blanket for an hour-long sweat session, and as you’re left to unwind, your core temperature will continue to rise. By the end, they promise that you’ll be both sweaty and detoxified.

Drop-in rate: $50


305 Fitness

305 Fitness

Photo: 305 Fitness

This studio just might be the most cheerful space in all of Manhattan. 305’s Miami-inspired dance workout will transport you straight to the club (without the rough morning that follows). It’s one of the most popular classes in the city, so think about booking ahead — and get ready to walk out of the session with a huge smile on your face. (For best results, “dance like nobody’s watching,” as they say.)

Drop-in rate: $34


Featured photo courtesy of MNDFL

  • Story by Claire Hannum

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