Your Guide To The Dreamiest Date Spots In NYC

New York City is the kind of place where even a walk around the block can feel like a romantic adventure — after all, when you’ve got twinkling city lights and an iconic Manhattan backdrop, what’s not to love?

But while plenty of NYC’s romance is there in plain sight, the dreamiest experiences remain well-kept secrets. If you want to step up your game, a little planning can take a date to the next level. From legendary classics to lesser-known gems, here’s where to have a perfect date in NYC.


Romantic Views At The Cloisters

The Cloisters in New York City

Photo: e_chaya via Flickr / CC BY

When you visit the Cloisters, you’ll escape to a medieval castle without ever leaving Manhattan. Nestled in northern Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park, the Cloisters are a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to celebrating European creations from the days of yore. And of course, the historic architecture of the Cloisters makes the structure a piece of art in itself. Inside, you’ll find Romanesque and Gothic art, with sculptures and textiles taking center stage. One of the best parts of the museum is its quiet, romantic balcony views of the Hudson River.


Love Stories at the Morgan Library & Museum

JP Morgan Library in New York City

Photo: The Morgan Library & Museum

Step aside, New York Public Library: the book collection at the Morgan Library & Museum is like something out of a fairytale. The museum was once the home of financier JP Morgan, and the library held his private collection of rare books from around the world. For couples who love the written word, the multi-tiered stacks flanked by timeless murals and decor just might be the most romantic place in the city.


Glimmering Boat Ride Around Manhattan

Sail NYC's Sunset Cruise in New York City

Photo: Sail NYC

Nothing says enchantment like the clink of champagne glasses as you watch the sun go down. But this is New York we’re talking about — everything here is amplified. So instead of toasting on land, sip that bubbly from a 1920s-style yacht deck and see the city like you never have before on Sail NYC’s Sunset Cruise. Watch together as skyscraper lights flick on one by one, and bask in the magic of a night spent on the water.


Elevated Stroll Along The High Line

The High Line in New York City

Photo: Timothy Schenck courtesy of The High Line 

The High Line has every ingredient you need for an ideal date: fresh air, city views, and plenty of great food along the way. This landmark park, built on the tracks of a former elevated freight train, is popular with locals and travelers alike. The High Line’s charm is in its details, from its striking sculptures to the rare plants cultivated along the tracks, so make sure you pause to soak it all in.


Recharging At Aire Ancient Baths

Air Ancient Baths in New York City

Photo: Aire Ancient Baths 

With its tranquil blue pools, exposed brick walls, and warm lighting, the New York branch of this renowned spa is a site to behold. The baths themselves are modeled after ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman spa rituals, and the sanctuary also offers an array of treatments ranging from the classic to the uncommon — think everything from couples massages to wine baths (yes, really).


Intimate Dinner at Cleo

The sign for Cleo Restaurant in New York City

Sit down to a cozy dinner at Cleo, where you can enjoy elevated Mediterranean cuisine as you sip on inventive handcrafted cocktails. This inviting, light space is the perfect haven to share stories of your adventures and dream aloud about the future. Turn your table into your own little world, and don’t forget to raise a glass. 


Featured Photo: Aire Ancient Baths 

  • Story by Claire Hannum


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