In Bed With… Sjana Earp

Sjana Earp is a lifestyle blogger whose adventures in travel, wellness, fitness, and fun are the definition of enviable.

On her blog, SMYLE, she covers the gamut of topics, from body to mind to soul to style, all with the intention of secrets to make your life exceptional (SMYLE, get it?).

Her travels have taken her far beyond her home of Australia to Japan, Europe, the UAE, Africa, and beyond. Most recently, she found herself stateside, in Los Angeles at The Hollywood Roosevelt, where we caught up with her to discuss her vacation essentials, travel indulgences, and how best to stay healthy on the go.

My name is…
Sjana Elise Earp. But you can call me SJ! 🙂

For work, I:
Am a full-time fun seeking, yoga doing, sunshine seeking, travel photojournalist and professional teleporter.

When I’m not working, I like to:
Work! I love that I get to do what I enjoy most in this world and call it a job. I’m very blessed to say that. So I’d be doing it whether or not it was my main gig!

Describe yourself in three words:
I’m a hugger. But my friends say I’m better described as sunshine.

Top three essentials to pack when travelling?
Adventurous soul, the ability to be flexible, an open mind.

First thing you pick from the mini-bar?
Water? Haha that was a boring answer haha but I can’t say I’m a mini-bar connoisseur!

What’s your favorite thing to indulge in on vacation?
I’m a sucker for trying out different yoga studios in different places!! I adore it! But a massage never hurts either. 😉

“I'm a hugger. But my friends say I’m better described as sunshine.”
+ Sjana Earp photographed at The Hollywood Roosevelt

Most Instagram-worthy spot you’ve found at The Hollywood Roosevelt?
The pool!! Palm trees, blue water and sunshine! What more could you want?!

What’s your poolside style? 
The basics: a good bikini, sunscreen and something to amuse myself (a book, listening to a new podcast, TED talk or music, etc.).

What music is playing as the soundtrack to your stay? 
Acoustic chill!! Anything mellow and soul soothing! I have an epic playlist filled with all of my favourite acoustic covers.. and that is practically always on repeat!

What are your tips for practicing wellness while traveling?
Explore! Pack joggers and some comfy workout gear (I always travel with at least 5-6 different workout and yoga outfits by @aloyoga) and then roam the city on foot, hike a mountain for a broader perspective, take a local yoga class, or even try surf lessons! Do whatever you can to ensure you make the most of your vacay!

Favorite thing to do in LA?
Meet new people! LA has such a unique vibe and breed of human – some of my favourite people tbh! So creative and unapologetically themselves!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
“The biggest regrets are the things you didn’t do.”

Lastly, what is your favorite thing to do in bed? 
Eat lemon sorbet!

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  • Story by Amy Jacobowitz
  • Photos by Che Stipanovich

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