In Bed with… Natalie Roser

5.20.2017 Full Article Fashion, In Bed With, Interviews

This Aussie model-turned-designer is impossible to keep up with, even for the most experienced jetsetter.

In Bed with… Belle Lucia

5.5.2017 Full Article Belle Lucia, In Bed With, Interviews

Half German, half Portuguese, this globe-trotting Aussie model is in high demand these days for all things beach-to-boudoir.

In Bed with… Ellen Von Unwerth

4.4.2017 Full Article Art, Ellen Von Unwerth, Fashion, In Bed With, Interviews

Ellen Von Unwerth has had a storied career, and her third collaboration with publishing behemoth Taschen this month proves that she’s still going full force.

In Bed With… Joy Claire

3.17.2017 Full Article In Bed With, Interviews, Joy Claire

From the trenches of the streetwear industry to the helm of her own marketing firm, Joy Claire is no novice when it comes to hard work and perseverance.

In Bed With… Ramona Rosales

3.10.2017 Full Article In Bed With, Interviews, Ramona Rosales

We caught up with the busy photographer during a shoot at The Hollywood Roosevelt with America Ferrera following the Oscars, to discuss photography, art, and inspiration.

In Bed With… Galore

1.13.2017 Full Article Galore Mag, Happenings, In Bed With, Interviews, Paris Hilton, Sofia Richie

To celebrate the launch of Galore’s Art Issue, we hosted the VIP party with Paris Hilton and Sofia Richie.

In Bed With… Sjana Earp

1.3.2017 Full Article In Bed With, Interviews, Sjana Earp

Sjana Earp is a lifestyle blogger whose adventures in travel, wellness, fitness, and fun are the definition of enviable.

In Bed With… Brian Baumgartner

12.20.2016 Full Article Brian Baumgartner, In Bed With, Interviews, The Office

We caught up with Brian recently at The Hollywood Roosevelt to talk offices, pick-up lines, and craziest hotel stories.

In Bed With … Alexandra Pereira

11.28.2016 Full Article Fashion, In Bed With, Interviews

The force behind Lovely Pepa visits The Hollywood Roosevelt.

In Bed With … Lara Jade

11.1.2016 Full Article In Bed With, Interviews

Lara Jade is a British fashion photographer who describes herself as a creative, an escapist, and a daydreamer.

In Bed With… Giovanna Ferrarezi

10.17.2016 Full Article In Bed With, Interviews

Giovanna is a São Paulo native who loves travelling, eating, and telling stories. We found out what living in Brazil’s vibrant center has taught her and what makes her happy.

In Bed With… Emma Rose

9.28.2016 Full Article In Bed With, Interviews

Emma Rose is a health, lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger from Sydney, Australia.

In Bed With… Wing Ta

8.16.2016 Full Article In Bed With, Interview, Wing Ta

Wing Ta is a Minneapolis-based photographer and creative director who isn’t afraid to go outside the box to capture something truly authentic. In 2010, she launched as a digital home for her many creative endeavours. In the six years since, it’s grown into a fully-fledged business, specializing in all things lifestyle.

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